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2016 06-12

Grandall Shanghai Office Advised Ningbo Joyson for Its M&A Project

Recently, Ningbo Joyson Electronic Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as “Ningbo Joyson” or “Company”, code: 600699) has finished its acquisition of 100% equity of KSS Holdings, Inc (an American company), marking the accomplishment of its overall M&A project which includes the acquisition of the automotive information board business of TechniSat Digital GmbH, Daun (a German company).


Ningbo Joyson is a multinational corporation mainly dealing with automotive electronics, new energy automotive, industrial automation and robotics, listed among a few listed companies that have entered into the core areas of automotive electronics, new energy automobile and industrial automation, and been able to compete with the global giants.


Ningbo Joyson’s M&A project is composed of two parts: its merger of KSS Holdings, Inc. and its joint acquisition of the automotive information board business of TechniSat Digital GmbH, Daun with its German member company Preh Holding GmbH at the terminal deal price of 921.16 million dollar and 176 million euro respectively.  KSS Holdings, Inc. is a global leader in mobility safety in the automotive and non-automotive markets serving the active safety, passive safety,  and specialty product sectors, and is listed among a few companies in the globe capable to integrate active and passive security system and to provide security solutions for automatic driving.  TechniSat Digital GmbH, Dresden is the developer, supplier and service provider of automotive industry modular information system,  active in the frontier of the field of vehicle information systems, and accumulating years’ of experience in the field of vehicle information system by serving over 2 million car users before connecting the network.


Ningbo Joyson’s completion of this M&A project facilitates the continual implementation of the company’s two-wheeled drive strategy of “endogeny plus epitaxy”, further improve and upgrade the company's business and form the four major business system represented by Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), vehicle safety, smart car and new energy power control, and solve the four key points during vehicle use, namely, “security, intelligence, environmental protection, comfort”, providing a new and leading service of personalized, active, and safe car experience for the users.


Grandall Shanghai Office has been retained as the counsel to this M&A project, with SUN Li, SHAN Ying, ZHANG Peipei and ZHANG Yi as key lawyers offering comprehensive and professional service.

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