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2015 06-15

Jin Ding Partners Joined Grandall Law Firm

Grandall Law Firm (Nanjing) and Jin Ding Partners have amalgamated with each other recently.  After the amalgamation, the personnel in Grandall Law Firm (Nanjing) reaches 97, 66 of whom are registered lawyers (covering 20 partners and 46 full-time and part-time lawyers), 26 paralegals and interns, and 5backup staff. 
Grandall Law Firm (Nanjing) entered into an amalgamation agreement with Jin Ding Partners this March.  The principal office upon this amalgamation is located at 4-5/F, Bldg D, No.303 Hanzhong Gate Avenue, Gulou District, Nanjing, covering an area of approximately two thousand square meters.
The amalgamation is recognized as an annual event in Jiangsu Province.  Jin Ding Partners has a history of nineteen years, specializing in providing legal services in foreign business.  Mr. CHE Jie, its former head and deputy president of Lawyers Association of Jiangsu Province, considered that, with the advantages of Grandall on reputation and resource, the amalgamation would do more to improve the market development and business integration.
Mr. MA Guoqiang, partner and director of Grandall Law Firm (Nanjing) said that, since the establishment of Grandall Nanjing Office at the end of 2011, the firm has undergone steady development in terms of performance and scale, and has been ranked the top in the fields of capital markets and commercial dispute resolution in Jiangsu Province.  The amalgamation would enable Grandall Nanjing to become more competitive and advantageous in maintaining the first place in legal services in East China.
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