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2015 04-3

Mr. YU Ningjie Listed on the Legislation Expert Brain Trust by Fujian Government

On 29 January 2015, a brain trust consisting of legislation experts was established by Fujian Government to improve the quality and efficiency of legislation in Fujian.  Mr. YU Ningjie, partner of Grandall Fuzhou Office has been retained as the legislation expert serving out a term of three years.


The duty of these experts so retained is to support the legislation work in Fujian Province.  The government may consult the experts in: (i) draft of annual legislation plan; (ii) draft and discussion of local regulations; (iii) draft and discussion of provincial government’s rules; (iv) pre-assessment and post-assessment of the legislation; (v) opinions on the legislation draft; and (vi) other matters with respect to the government function.

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