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2012 01-13

Grandall Insurance Law Practice Group Provided Legal Services to Huatai Insurance Group

January 13, 2012 - Beijing, China - In December, Huatai Insurance Company Limited had received the approval from the China Insurance Regulatory Commission ("CIRC") to change its name into Huatai Insurance Group.  After the said change, Huatai Insurance Group transferred its insurance business to its newly established wholly-owned subsidiary known as Huatai  Insurance Co., Ltd.   

Huatai Insurance Group is one of the first few insurance companies that had received approval to be established after the promulgation of the "Stipulation of the Measure to Regulate Insurance Groups".  It is also the first case for an insurance company to transfer its insurance business to another insurance company pursuant to the "Interim Measure to Regulate Insurance Business of Insurance Companies" in China.
Grandall Beijing Office has been instrumental in this matter. Being a key player within domestic insurance practice field, Grandall has provided legal service for the establishment of Huatai Insurance Group, which includes tailoring plan of establishment, assisting to transfer the insurance business, drafting legal documents and notifications and assisting to deal with labor issues.
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