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2013 09-23

Henan Splendor’s Application Approved, Grandall Beijing as Legal Counsel

On 14 August 2013, the application filed by Henan Splendor Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (“Henan Splendor” or “Company”) for non-public offering was passed and approved by the Issuance Examination Committee of CSRC. Mr. Huang Weimin and his team (including Mr. Li Aoli, Mr. Yang Lijin and Mr. Zhao Yuan) of Grandall Beijing have provided legal services to the case.


The Company is listed on the GEM. Its core business covers research, development and manufacture of rail communication signal system for national railways and urban rail transport.


The Company intends to raise a limited amount of RMB 740 million (no more than 39 million shares) for the following projects: (i) railway disaster surveillance system and warning system; (ii) railway video surveillance system; (iii) smart surveillance system and (iv) rail transport security system. The performance of the said projects will expand the Company’s industry chain, streamline the product structure and enhance its core competitiveness. 

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