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2013 09-23

Mr. Ni Junji and Mr. Fang Shilong Awarded as “Top 10 Lawyers” and “Excellent Non-Litigation Lawyer” of JingAn District, Shanghai

 Recently, the evaluation of “Top 10 Law Firms” and “Top 10 Lawyers” of JingAn District, Shanghai for year 2009-2011 was carried out. After strict evaluation and interview, Mr. Ni Junji and Mr. Fang Shilong from Grandall Law Firm (Shanghai) were respectively honored as “Top 10 Lawyers” and “Excellent Non-Litigation Lawyer”.

Such event was organized by the Justice Bureau of Shanghai JingAn District and consisted of several categories of awards including “Top 10 Law Firms”, “Top 10 Lawyers”, “Excellent Lawyer for Criminal Case”, “Excellent Lawyer for Civil Case”, “Excellent Non-Litigation Lawyer”, “Excellent Young Lawyer” and “Excellent Public-Interest Lawyer”. According to information, 136 applications were received during the event.

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