LIU Xiuqin

Practice Areas

  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • High-Tech
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Arbitration

Professional Experience

  • International arbitration: involving in the international arbitration of a well-known bank in China for a refund of the guarantee letter proposed by the beneficiary of the guarantee letter in London and the arbitration of a credit accepting bank in Hong Kong;
  • International litigation: involving in the damages compensation and infringement litigation of a domestic enterprise proposed by American civilians in Alabama;
  • Non-litigation: participating in legal services for a number of projects including the negotiation between a company and a German Siemens member company regarding Nanjing subway signal system cooperation project, the signing of the joint venture agreement of both parties, and the bidding activities of the joint venture with a Nanjing subway company; involving in the project of Guangzhou Metro between a company and France's Alstom; involving in the whole process of an engineering project between a company and a Kazakhstan company; involving in the whole process of a cooperation project between a company with the U.S. PPG;
  • Company establishment: involving in the whole process of legal services for many companies’ establishment, including the draft of legal documents, drafting and revising and examining the investment agreement of both parties to the joint venture, the articles of association of the company, shareholders' meetings and decisions, the rules of procedure of the meeting of the board of directors and shareholders, and corporate governance structure plan; draft of legal opinions of the cooperation project; participating in the development of a joint venture project, draft of legal documents, contracts and agreements, and solving disputes in the development projects;
  • Corporate restructuring: involving in the whole process of a corporate restructuring project, including planning the listed companies’ acquisition of equity, transferring shares, designing the acquisition of equity and enterprise restructuring plan, drafting all the restructuring documents and agreements, participating in the meetings of board of directors and shareholders, coordinating the relationship between the shareholders and between shareholders and government, and successfully organizing the equity live auction;
  • Company liquidation: involving in the liquidation of the first company in Jiangsu Province established by raising money and becoming a member of the liquidation group, including drafting and planning the liquidation scheme; participating in the meetings of board of directors and shareholders to discuss liquidation matters, drafting decisions made by board of directors, and shareholders; drafting and reviewing the equity transfer agreements; processing the debtor-creditor relationship and loan matters with the banks; and drafting the liquidation report and other legal documents required for the liquidation;
  • Finance: providing legal services for domestic & foreign funded banks, insurance and security companies including reviewing and revising contracts of financial products, and other contracts required; participating in the talks and negotiations with cooperation customers and loan customers; providing project due diligence investigation; sending legal letters and issuing legal opinions; participating in dozens of litigation and providing legal guarantee for the banks involved in financing projects;
  • Real estate: involving in the development and construction of “Garden of Beauty” villa project, including modifying the legal documents, contracts, bidding documents and general construction contracts in various stages of the audit; designing contracts like raw material purchase contracts, housing sales contracts, and property management contracts; handling the group litigation due to the community planning changes; drafting project legal opinions; issuing legal letters; coordinating the dispute between the development company and the third party and dealing with the litigation and arbitration affairs between the developer and house owners due to extension of house delivery and quality defects; and offering legal services for many other real estate development projects like "China World Trade Center", "Fu Di Liu Xiang ", "Sheng Shi Hua Ting ", and "Jia Sheng Garden";
  • Intellectual property: engaging in litigation and other legal services concerning some important intellectual property rights projects in recent years, including the patent infringement of manufacturing process of high calcium bone powder concerning the patent owner, a research institute and three Tianjin companies handled by the Supreme People's Court; representing the patent ownership dispute, patent royalty dispute and infringement dispute of "Kuhuang Injection" and recovering the aforesaid patent procedures; representing an institute for its invalid patent application in the National Patent Bureau, proposed by a third party, and representing an institute for its administrative litigation against the National Patent Bureau; and involving in the transfer of intellectual property rights and their term-writing in joint-venture projects.

Work Experience

  • Partner, Grandall Law Firm (Nanjing)
  • Partner, Jiangsu Jinding Yingjie Law Firm
  • Initiator, Nanjing Xinshida Law Firm
  • Associate, Nanjing First Law Firm

Education Background

  • Independent Director Qualification Training by China Securities Regulatory Commission
  • Senior Title Training by China University of Political Science and Law
  • Tax Agency Qualification Training by National Audit Office of the PRC
  • Ministry of Justice Foreign-related Lawyer by China University of Political Science and Law
  • L.L.B, East China University of Political Science and Law

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Special Committee of Economy, All China Lawyers Association

Honor & Recognition

  • Provincial Outstanding Individual Lawyer in 2004
  • Provincial Famous Lawyer in 2002
  • Nanjing Lawyer Elite in 1998


  • Co-author, New Theory on Economic Law
  • Author, A preliminary study on the right of Defense on Chinese Lawyer
  • Author, an analysis on causes and prevention of bank risks, published by China Yan Shi Press
  • Author, A preliminary study on innocent defense on Law and Legal System
  • Published over 10 papers on the annual conference of Special Committee of Economy of All China Lawyers Association, including: Implementation and Obstacles of Enterprise Equity Transfer, Legal Thinking on Related Transactions of Debt Restructuring, Issues and Related Legal Policies in Foreign Capital’s M&A of State-Owned Enterprises, Legal Problems and Countermeasures of Intellectual Property in Corporate M&A and Legal Issues of Bank Guarantee Business.

Professional Title

  • Lawyer Grade 2

Professional Qualification

  • Tax Agency Qualification


  • Chinese

Global offices: Group Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Hangzhou Guangzhou Kunming Tianjin Chengdu Ningbo Fuzhou Xi'an Nanjing Nanning Jinan Chongqing Suzhou Changsha Taiyuan Wuhan Guiyang Urumqi Zhengzhou Shijiazhuang Hefei Hainan Qingdao Hong Kong Paris Madrid Silicon Valley Stockholm New York
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