ZHOU Zhidi

Practice Areas

  • Corporate, M&A & Restructuring
  • Dispute Resolution, Arbitration & Litigation
  • Aviation, Shipping & Maritime

Professional Experience

  • - acting as legal counsel for many government authorities and enterprises, including Tianjin Port Holdings Co., Ltd., China Oifield Services Limited, Tianjin Sinorails-Long Jin Tai Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd., Tianjingang Keyun Company, Tianjingang Transportation Company, TPG Global RO-RO Terminal Co.,Ltd., Tianjin Institute of Technical Physics;
  • - advising in dozens of maritime disputes covering port facility claim, ship collision, bill of lading, insurance and chartering;
  • - advising various companies in their respective M&A and restructure projects, including Yongzheng Dressing Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Port Holdings Co., Ltd.;
  • - offering legal service in bankruptcy and liquidation cases to many companies, including Dalian Securities, Beijing Huayuntai Catering Co., Ltd., Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., Tianjin Anzheng Power Materials Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Tanggu Haiqing Electrical Equipment Plant;
  • - offering legal service in risk management to Tianjin Port Holdings Co., Ltd. and other companies.

Work Experience

  • Partner, Grandall Law Firm, Tianjin
  • Managing Partner, Tianchuan Law Firm, Tianjin
  • Managing Partner, Maritime & Commerce Law Firm

Education Background

  • Tianjin College of Political Science and Management, LL.B.
  • Tianjin Radio and Television University, BA.

Professional Affiliations

  • Arbitrator, Tianjin Arbitration Commission
  • Executive Member, Tianjin Bar Association
  • Member, Maritime Study Committee of ACLA

Other Titles & Positions

  • Member, Law Committee of China International Freight Forwarders Association
  • Executive Member, Industrial and Commercial Committee of Tanggu District, Tianjin


Global offices: Group Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Hangzhou Guangzhou Kunming Tianjin Chengdu Ningbo Fuzhou Xi'an Nanjing Nanning Jinan Chongqing Suzhou Changsha Taiyuan Wuhan Guiyang Urumqi Zhengzhou Shijiazhuang Hefei Hainan Qingdao Hong Kong Paris Madrid Silicon Valley Stockholm New York
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