QU Qiang

  • Edu:Bachelor of Law
  • Address:Tianjin
  • Tel:+86 (22) 8558 6588
  • Fax:+86 (22) 8558 6677
Practice Areas

  • Corporate, M&A & Restructuring
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Banking & Finance
  • Insurance

Professional experience

  • Legal counsel for many large enterprises, listed companies, financial institutions and foreign-invested enterprises, including Management Committee of Tianjin Hi-tech Industrial Park; Genius Co., Ltd. of Tianjin; Tianjin Yishang Friendship Co., Ltd.; Tianjin KFC Co., Ltd.; Buddhist Association of Tianjin and Dabei Temple; Tianyou Architectural Design Co., Ltd.; Applied Materials, Inc.; Industrial Bank of Korea; Sumsung Television Co., Ltd.; Sumsung Monitor Co., Ltd.; Henkel Cosmetics Co., Ltd.; Hong Kong Jiali Light Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Exist Marketing Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Shanglong Technologies Co., Ltd;
  • Dealt with numerous civil litigations in respect of corporate credit, real estate development and land transfers, including Tianjin KFC Co., Ltd. (dispute on the invoice with award); Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (claim for compensation in respect of life insurance); China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. (claim cases for property insurance); Tianjin Children’s Hospital (medical dispute); General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University (medial dispute); Tianjin Hetong Rest Home (infringement of business secret); Sumsung Television Co., Ltd. (dispute on product quality); dispute on priority of house sale and purchase between Tianjin Yishang Friendship Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Shandao Construction Group;
  • Mr. Qu also has handled non-litigious legal issues, including loan examination for Industrial Bank of Korea; the incorporation, move and consolidation of subsidiaries of Applied Materials, Inc. within China; the acquisition of overseas loan of subsidiaries of Applied Materials, Inc. within China; restructuring and overseas listing of Tianjin Yishang Friendship Co., Ltd.; commercial purchase of real estate of Genius Group Co., Ltd

Work experience


    • Bachelor of Law, Tianjin Normal University


    Global offices: Group Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Hangzhou Guangzhou Kunming Tianjin Chengdu Ningbo Fuzhou Xi'an Nanjing Nanning Jinan Chongqing Suzhou Changsha Taiyuan Wuhan Guiyang Urumqi Zhengzhou Shijiazhuang Hefei Office Hong Kong Paris Madrid Silicon Valley Stockholm New York
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