MA Guoqiang

  • Position:Managing Partner
  • Education:EMBA
  • Location:Nanjing
  • Tel:+86 25 8966 0990
  • Fax:+86 25 8966 0966
Practice Areas

  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Operation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Investment
  • Real Estate

Professional Experience

  • Having been practicing for more than ten years in the fields of real estate, construction, imports and exports, steel, finance, pharmaceuticals, textile, cement, telecom and retailing to dozens of companies, covering joint ventures, foreign-invested companies, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, banks, asset management companies;
  • Having extensive experience in contract negotiation, acquisition, restructuring and design of project structure and having drawn considerate praises in the areas of financing, investment, M&A and restructuring;
  • Representing in over hundreds of commercial and criminal cases.

Work Experience

  • Director and Partner, Grandall Law Firm (Nanjing)
  • Executive Partner, Dacheng Law Offices (Nanjing)
  • Partner and Deputy Director, Jiangsu Liansheng Law Firm
  • Partner, Jiangsu Hengsheng Law Firm
  • Justice Department of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

Education Background

  • EMBA, Nanjing University
  • Academic Visitor, University of Minnesota
  • LL.B., East China University of Political Science and Law

Professional Affiliations

  • Deputy Director, Construction and Real Estate Study Committee of Jiangsu Bar Association
  • Deputy Director, Criminal Study Committee of Jiangsu Bar Association
  • Executive Member of Jiangsu Bar Association
  • Director, Young Lawyers Committee of Jiangsu Bar Association

Honor & Recognition

  • Model in 2000, 2003 and 2004 respectively, by Justice Department of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Bar Association
  • Famous Lawyer in Jiangsu Province (2002)


  • Chinese/English

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