• Position:Executive Partner
  • Edu:Postgraduate in Law
  • Address:Shanghai
  • Tel:(+86)(21) 5234 1668
  • Fax:(+86)(21) 5234 1670
Practice Areas

  • Capital Markets & Corporate Finance
  • Corporate, M&A & Restructuring
  • Banking & Finance

Professional experience

  • Mr. Liu has provided legal service for numerous Large-size and Medium-size state-owned enterprises. For example, he provided about 200 listed companies with legal service in respect of shares issuing and listing, re-financing and assets restructuring. He is a leading lawyer in providing the aforesaid legal services in China;
  • Mr. Liu serves as perennial legal counsellor of many large-sized enterprise such as Shanghai State-owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd., Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Co., Ltd., China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd., Hainan Airlines Co., Ltd;
  • Mr. Liu also conducts non-litigation legal affairs. He has handled 26 non-litigation cases in 2003, 56 non-litigation cases in 2004, and such number increased to 53 in 2005. Mr. Liu also handled 25 non-litigation cases during the period from January, 2006 to August, 2006. The contents of the foresaid non-litigation cases including without limitation shares issuing and listing, due diligence investigation, private issuing, non-tradeable shares reform and private placement;
  • Specializing in shares issuing and listing on the Stock Exchange of Singapore. Mr. Liu has represented 17 cases on the listing of Chinese domestic enterprise on Singapore Exchange, among which 8 cases has already been completed, accounting for 10% of the total number of Chinese domestic enterprises’ listing in Singapore;
  • Mr. Liu participated in most of the financial innovation in Chinese securities market, including the additional issue of A-share by the first group of B-share listed companies, first group of A-share listed companies’ assets restructuring and additional issue of B-share, listed company merger and acquire Non-listed Company, Close Funds public listing, the first merger of listed company in the Secondary Market, the first time A-share listing over the counter of the companies, the first listed company’s private issuing, the first merger of listed company, pilot work of full circulation of listed company (including first listed company shares reform regarding public issuing shares and the first reform of listed company with B-shares).

Work experience

  • Partner, Grandall Law Firm (Shanghai)
  • Associate, Grandall Law Firm (Shanghai)


  • Tongji University, LL.M
  • East China Normal University, M.A. in International Finance

Industry part-time

  • Deputy Director, Finance and Securities Study Committee of Shanghai Bar Association;
  • Member, 4th M&A and Restructuring Examination Committee of CRSC

Academic achievements

  • Participated in the modification of rules and regulations of government agencies like China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), China Banking Regulatory Commission, Ministry of Commerce, etc., and raised up valuable suggestions and advice based upon his work experience;
  • Legal Issues in Full Circulation, Executive Issues in Full Circulation (cooperative work).


  • Chinese/English

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